Fly Drive Romania

A fly drive Romania is the best way to discover the country at your own pace and free of any risk.  You take a flight to the starting point of your vacation. On destination, you pick up the rental car and follow the route we set up for you. The car is fully insured. Thus, you don’t need to worry about paying an own-risk fee. All hotels are already booked and paid for. So, all you need is to check-in at the reception. However, there are more advantages to a fly drive Romania vacation.


A fly drive holiday is flexible. You make your own daily schedule and decide what you will visit on the way. Therefore, you have the freedom to spontaneously stop if you encounter something interesting. We will provide you with a route description and tips for detours and places to visit on the way.

An authentic experience

On your way through Romania, you have the time to meet the locals and also see the authentic side of Romania. Thus, you will sleep in small, family hotels and b&b’s. You will eat in local, traditional restaurants and visit surprising attractions in tiny, sometimes secluded villages.

Romtours fly drive Romania

At Romtour we have probably one of the largest selections of fly drive holidays to Romania. Momentarily, you can choose from 15 different fly drive trips. The vacations range from 8 to 22 days long and cover most of Romania. However, we are always working on developing new routes.

Each of our fly drives to Romania is 100% adaptable to your personal wishes. Therefore, if you can’t find your dream vacation on our site, we design one just for you.

Why book a Romtour fly drive Romania?

Because we are a family company and we started on this road lead by our passion for Romania and its people. Every year we take the time to travel around the country, looking for new destinations and visiting the old ones. We have slept in 90% of the hotels we book for our customers to make sure they have the level of quality we want. In the bigger cities, we always book hotels in the center, to give you the freedom to explore in the evenings without needing a taxi or bus.

Are you interested in a fly drive vacation to Romania? Check our website All trips are bookable direcly on the site. You can choose to leave out the flight if the airport you are looking for is not listed. By any means, contact us if you want us to arrange a flight for you from the airport of your choice.

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